Modern Day Slavery – Modern Slavery Statement

At, we are committed to upholding human rights and ethical business practices. We condemn all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking and are dedicated to ensuring that our business operations and supply chains are free from such abuses.

Our Approach

We recognize the importance of identifying and addressing risks related to modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chains. To this end, we have implemented the following measures:

1. Policies and Procedures:
We have established policies and procedures that prohibit modern slavery and human trafficking in all aspects of our business. These policies are communicated to all employees and suppliers, emphasizing our commitment to ethical conduct.

2. Supplier Due Diligence:
We conduct due diligence on our suppliers to assess the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains. This includes evaluating suppliers’ policies and practices, conducting site visits, and engaging with suppliers to address any identified risks.

3. Employee Training:
We provide training to our employees to raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking and to ensure that they understand their role in preventing and detecting these abuses. Training includes information on recognizing signs of exploitation and reporting mechanisms.

4. Reporting Mechanisms:
We have established confidential reporting mechanisms for employees and suppliers to report concerns related to modern slavery and human trafficking. Reports are promptly investigated, and appropriate action is taken in response to any identified issues.

5. Continuous Improvement:
We are committed to continuously improving our efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. We regularly review and update our policies, procedures, and due diligence processes to address emerging risks and enhance our effectiveness in this area.

Our Expectations of Suppliers

We expect all suppliers and business partners to share our commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. We require suppliers to adhere to applicable laws and regulations related to labor and human rights and to implement policies and practices that promote ethical conduct throughout their operations.

Conclusion is dedicated to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. We believe that by working together with our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders, we can make a meaningful impact in eradicating these abuses from our society.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and represents our commitment to transparency and accountability in addressing modern slavery and human trafficking.

For further information or inquiries regarding our modern slavery statement, please contact us at [email protected].

Last Updated: 23 August 2023

By using, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Modern Slavery Statement and agree to its principles.

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